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The International Journal On Advances in Intelligent Systems just posted its new issue (Volume2/Nr2&3). qKAI is part of it with a contribution titled „Utilizing Open Content for Higher-Layered Rich Client Applications“ (pp. 303 – 316).

First, we introduce some background regarding the qKAI application framework. In Section 2 follows what we see as prerequisite to utilize Open Content for higher-layered applications. Section 3 gives an overview of the qKAI application frameworks’ system design. Section 4 offers some more details concerning the qKAI hybrid data layer as one system level of the 4-tier design. Section 5 shows further services and components, Section 6 exemplifies use cases and further application scenarios. At least this contribution ends up with a conclusion and future work in Section 7.


INCoS 09 (International Conference on Intelligent Networking and Collaborative Systems) accepted our paper “Social educational games based on Open Content“. The conference will take place 4-6 November. Details can be found here.

(The original post is available at the qKAI project blog.)

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